Founded in 2017, The Storm Cellar is a boutique winery based at the historic Redstone Vineyard in Hotchkiss, Colorado, which produces high-quality, high-elevation, aromatic white wines and rosé, farmed and crafted by the hands of two sommeliers. The Storm Cellar aims to showcase the attributes of this extreme vineyard site within its wines, to help bring the West Elks AVA into the national wine spotlight, and to become a premier destination for an elevated, Colorado wine experience.

Wine that rises, above the rest


Throughout history, grapevines have been planted in regions where other plants would not grow – arid deserts, rocky soils, steep slopes, and high mountains. Our intense UV exposure at over a mile above sea level forces our grapes to form extra thick skins to protect themselves, producing wines of extreme concentration and aromatic intensity. We moderate the tannins and bitterness that could arise by whole-cluster pressing all of our fruit, and we strive to preserve freshness through long, cold fermentations.




Wine is greater than the sum of its parts. It is not just a winemaker. It is not just a vineyard. It is a collaboration between humans and nature. It is a story. And the story of our wines is incredibly unique. We have worked diligently not just to nurture the vines and craft great wines, but to tell the story.

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